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UV Digital Printing Signage

Rosetta Art Centre
Signage: Aluminium composite panels printed and installed in London.

London 2012 Olympics - AY Architects & Icon Display
Signage: Digitally printed plywood panels with cut out sections.

In order to remain at the forefront of technological advances in the sign industry we have purchased an Oce Arizona 350GTWI. This allows us to quickly print high quality signage (1440 dpi) at a very affordable price to our customers. UV Digital Prints are uv (sun) resistant, durable and hard to scratch.  This makes them perfect for outdoor printed signage like construction site hoardings, project or Development Boards, retail / point of sale signage, Exhibition Displays and Banners.
The Océ Arizona 350 GT is a UV curable flatbed printer that produces near-photo image quality on rigid or flexible media. It is based upon the Arizona 250 GT, the best selling flatbed printer of all time and winner of several major industry awards. Expanding on the productivity and capability that made the Océ Arizona 250 GT a favorite of digital printers, photo labs, screen printers and sign makers, the Océ Arizona 350 GT changes the rules again with the addition of white ink printing and nearly 40% higher productivity.
Imagine the possibilities....
We are able to print ANY image, onto ANY material. Photographs on stretched canvas, corporate logos on wallpaper, images on bathroom tiles, photographs of completed company projects reverse printed on glass, Advertisements on Banners and so on. The list is so long that it is nearly impossible for us to encompass everything within this website. If you have something in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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