School Signs  Longwell Green Primary School
School: Longwell Green Primary School
Information: Signet Signs Limited were chosen to roll out Longwell Green Primary Schools new signage scheme throughout the school. We colour matched all signage to the schools colours of green / yellow.
It is worth noting that we completely redrew the school logo to ensure the logo would be of sufficent quality to represent the school.
This is good news for anyone who doesnt have high quality artwork and is considering using our services. We can, in the majority of instances, redraw your logo for your signage.

Main Entrance School Signage
Main Entrance: New main entrance signage was mounted onto existing posts.  If required we can offer post extensions which allow the new sign to be mounted up higher than the original. 

Directional School Signage
Directional: Clear information is essential in directing visitors to your site.  In this case the sign directs visitors away from an area in which they could potentially lose their way and instead clearly points them towards the school reception.
Sign has a matching blank backplate with through bolt fixings which clamp it securely to the railings.

Haygrove Balcony
Reception: An overview of the reception area in which a colorful 'rainbow' sign was installed along with a multi-lingual 'Welcome to' sign.  The 'rainbow' sign was designed with input from the children at Longwell Green Primary School.

Longwell Green School Signs
'Welcome to' sign: A close up of the multi-lingual sign as shown in the Reception area photo (see above)

Various signs: We have photographs of various other signs which we installed.
Gordano School Signs

Visitors Sign

Disabled Sign

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